Grand Millennium Hotel Sulmaimani-Iraq

Sulaymaniyah or Slemani (Kurdish: سلێمانی, romanized: Silêmanî;Arabic: السليمانية, romanized: as-Sulaymāniyyah), is a city in the east of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, not far from the Iran–Iraq border. It is surrounded by the Azmar (Ezmer), Goizha (Goyje) and Qaiwan (Qeywan) Mountains in the northeast, Baranan Mountain in the south and the Tasluja Hills in the west. The city has a semi-arid climate with very hot dry summers and cold wet winters.
Slemani was the home of poets such as Nalî, Mahwi, and Piramerd.The modern city of Slemani was founded in 1784 by the Ottoman-Kurdish prince Ibrahim Pasha Baban, who named it after his father Sulaiman Pasha. Slemani was the capital of the historic principality of Baban from 1784 to 1850.
The city is located in northern Iraq and Southern Kurdistan. Of the main population centers in the country, it is characterized by its cooler summer temperatures and its rainier winters. Average temperatures range from 0 to 39 °C (32–102 °F). In the winters, there can be a significant amount of snow. Snow falls every year or two.
The city was visited by more than 60,000 tourists in 2009. Slemani attracted more than 15,000 Iranian tourists in the first quarter of 2010, many drawn by the fact it is not subject to strict laws faced at home. Newroz 2010 drew an exodus of Iranian tourists choosing to celebrate the event in the region.
Situated on its own hill, Grand Millennium Sulaimani – the 5 star gem of Kurdistan – features spacious rooms & suites overlooking the city and mountains around. Having 5 signature restaurants, state of the art banqueting facilities, two swimming pools and a full-service spa the hotel is considered the tallest in Iraq.
With an inventory of 253 elite rooms and sky suites featuring floor to ceiling windows with panoramic view of the city and its nature the hotel offers a wide variety of premium hospitality services.
The hotel is ideally located 10 min away from Sulaimania International Airport and in close proximity to Suly Expo Center, the touristic Magma Square, Bazar, Chavy Land, City Center, Azmar Mountain.