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Challenges in Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation : Deep Insight on NOAC

The Iraqi hypertension society IqHS held a scientific meeting on the first Friday of Ramadan, the 24 of March this year, on Babylon Hotel about the challenges of treatment of atrial fibrillation with a deep insight on NAOC . The session was presented by Dr Nazar Naser Atabi and was moderated by prof. Ghazi Haji, IqHS president. Dr Atabi explored the current guidelines for the role and indications of anticoagulation in AF patients especially the rising usage of NOAC and he compared also the differences between individual agents regarding pharmacodynamics, side effect and dosage in different patient population and disease senarios. The session was interactive and friendly with the audience.

Special Interview..

Arab Medical Union Interview with IqHS president

The Iraqi Hypertension Society’s president, Prof. Ghazi Haji, who is also the head of Iraq’s Supreme Council of Scientific Societies, was interviewed by the Arab Medical Union for its final bulletin in March 2023. Prof. Haji discussed the difficulties and achievements of IqHS as well as its goals and plans. He also discussed the prevalence, causes, and connections between obesity and hypertension. The interview was in Arabic.
You can read the interview, or you can download the full bulletin from the links below.

Minimizing Ocular Complication of Hypertension & Diabetes

The Iraqi Hypertension Society with the collaboration of Iraqi Ophthalmological Society held a conjoined symposium on last Friday,10/3/2023 at Oyoon Baghdad Rest. The meeting was dedicated to discuss eye conditions that are faced by ophthalmologist in hypertensive patients and how physician and ophthalmologist should cooperate together to reduce their risks, there was also talk about diabetic eye complication. 

Treatment of ACS: Similarities & Differences


The IqHS hold a scientific symposium on Friday the third of March, 2023 at Babylon Hotel, about the management of acute coronary syndrome discussing the current European Society of Cardiology guidelines with special emphasis on the optimal time and benefits of thrombolytic therapy presented by top cardiology seniors from different Iraqi Centers, it was hot topics and witnessed an exuberant discussion.

Mineralocorticoid Receptor Antagonists in Cardiovascular Disease: Rationale, Evidence & Clinical Practice

The IqHS held a scientific symposium on this Friday, February 24, 2023, at Babylon Rotana Hotel entitled ” Mineralocorticoid Receptor Antagonists in Cardiovascular Disease: Rationale, Evidence & Clinical Practice” presented by Dr Ramzi Tabbalat, MD, FACC, FSCCT, Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Director of Abdali National Amyloidosis Center and Co – Director of Abdali Comprehensive Hypertension Center and was moderated by prof. Ghazi Farhan Haji, the IqHS president.

Iraqi Hypertension Society & Iraqi Family Physician Society Joint Symposium 2023

The Iraqi Hypertension Society with collaboration of Iraqi Family Physician Society IFPS held a scientific symposium on the last Friday, the 10th of February in Alkaram Palace , the Symposium was discussing the latest updates in hypertension in a case based scenario by Prof. Mohammed Al-Baghdadi, a consultant cardiologist, by Dr Maha Adnan Abdul Jabbar, an advisory Consultant Family Medicine and also by Dr Noor Sabah, MSc Pharmaceutical science who focused on the role of Beta blocker role in cardiology practice. It was a fruitful meeting with interesting discussions.

Mosul scientific symposium

The Iraqi Hypertension Society held a scientific symposium in Mosul province on the third of February 2023 with the collaboration of Mosul Health Directorate and Mosul College of Medicine.
The symposium discussed the role of heart rate as a risk factor for CV mortality and morbidity in addition it shed a light on the effect of different types of beta blockers on the central arterial pressure with a special emphasis on nebivolol as it is shown to reduce this type of pressure.

A paradigm shift in the Lipid Management Landscape


Under the title ” A paradigm shift in the Lipid Management Landscape”, the Iraqi Hypertension Society with the collaboration of Iraqi Cardiovascular Society and Iraqi Diabetes Associaction, held a scientific meeting on Friday the 27th of January 2023 at Babylon Hotel. The meeting was presented with distinguished speakers namely Prof. Abbas M. Rahma, a Consultant Endocrinologist at Almustasiryia College of Medicine , Dr Hussein N. Hussein, a Consultant Cardiologist at Iraq center of Heart Diseases, Prof. Hany Sabbour, a Consultant Cardiologist at Brown University Medical School, Rhode Island, USA, who joined the meeting through the Internet Platform in addition to Prof. Ghazi Haji, the IqHS president who moderated the meeting.

Managing Hypertension with Unique ARBS

 The Iraqi hypertension Society held today, the Friday 20 of January 2023, a scientific evening at Babylon Hotel about the pitfalls, misbeliefs and different lifestyle interventions in hypertension management with short review about the role of ARBS in its management with special attention to azilsartan, the recently introduced drug in the Iraqi market. The session was introduced by its president Prof. Ghazi Haji and it was an interactive session that was also included a Special salutation to the Iraqi team after winning the 25th Arabian Gulf Cup in Basra.

IqHS held awareness campaign in one of Baghdad Mosques

The Iraqi Hypertension Society in cooperation with the Al-Kawakeb Scientific Bureau and within its social activities, held an awareness campaign about hypertension in Omar Al-Mukhtar Mosque in Al-Yarmouk neighborhood in Baghdad on this Friday 13/1/2023 , which coincided with the presence of citizens in the mosque to perform Friday prayer. Patients were examined and medically advised. The initiative was welcomed by all.

Open Discussion on Hypertension Challenges in Iraq

As part of its commitment in propagating sound medical knowledge, the IqHS had held a scientific evening at Oyoon Baghdad Rest. about challenges that faces physicians dealing with hypertensive patients in Iraq presented by two distinguished speakers, Prof. Ghazi Haji, the IqHS president, and Prof. Hasan Farhan, the Iraqi Cardiology Board President in collaboration with Al- Mamorah Scientific Bureau ..

IqHS Scientific Session..

Advances in Heart Failure Managements

The IqHS had held a scientific evening at Babylon hotel on this Friday, 23 of December 2022, entitled ” Advances in Heart Failure Managements” presented by the distinguished speaker Prof. Hasan Farhan, President of raqi Board of Cardiology, and moderated by Prof. Ghazi F. Haji, the IqHS president, and was sponsored by Bayer Pharmaceutical Company.

Dyslipidemia Challenge: Current Consensus

The IqHS held a scientific meeting at Babylon Hotel this Friday, the ninth of December, discussing the Updated guidelines bout  Dyslipidemia management in adult populations reviewing the potential risks of this metabolic abnormality in addition to its prevalence, the new cutoff levels and the current management guidelines stressing on the current target levels and the early  use of  high strength statins, especially Rosuvastatin, in combination with ezetimibe  in addition to reevaluation of the ongoing situation regarding the role of doctor-patient relationship in achieving the treatment goals.’]

The IqHS held its Fifth International Conference on 17-18 November

 The IqHS had held its fifth International Conference at Babylon Rotana Hotel in Baghdad on November 17–18, 2022. This year’s conference was notable for the substantial participation from our Iraqi Governorates as well as the unique involvement of international speakers from many Arabic nations who  discussed the most recent information on hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases in addition to the participation of  a large number of pharmaceutical companies. The Conference final recommendations ( see below ) were  declared in the final conclusion statement by Prof. Faris Abdulkareem , the IqHS vice president who also commented on the newly established Arab Hypertension Society and congratulate Prof Ghazi Haji for being elected as the president of this Society in its first session.

Final Recommendations of the Fifth IqHS  International Conference:

1. Establishing hypertension clinics in  the main hospitals.

2. Encouraging surveys and research in the community.

3. Acting conjointly with policy makers, MOH and  NGOs to reduce salt intake.

4. Elaborating the importance of Patient – Doctor relationship and compliance to therapy.

5. Targeting special care of hypertension in elderly.

6. Noticing the important link between hypertension and heart rate and its complications and the need for managements.

7. Enhancing recording adverse events of medicine to MOH ARS

N.B. You can watch the conference lectures, listen to it or you can also download it as a PDF file from the links below.

The Recommendation from Iraqi Hypertension Society on the Management of Hypertension and High Heart Rate

IqHS held a Symposium about the Role of SGLT2I and DPP4I combination in T2D management

 The IqHS held a scientific symposium this friday the 28th of October at Babylon Rotana Hotel with the collaboration of Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceutical Company and with participation of Iraqi Diabetes Association and Iraqi Society of Nephrology and Renal Transplantation about The Addative effect of DPP4I To SGLT2I in line with the introduction of new drug Glyxambi to Iraqi market.

IqHS held Awareness Campaign at Dream City Mall in Baghdad

 As part of its commitment to spreading sound knowledge and medical advice to the public, the IqHS, led by its president Prof. Ghazi F. Alhaji, held an awareness campaign for visitors to Baghdad’s Dream City mall on Thursday, October 20th, in collaboration with Mylan Pharmaceutical company.

Addressing global disparities in blood pressure control: perspectives of the International Society of Hypertension


The European Society of Cardiology ESC had recently published an interesting reveiw endorsed and prepared by the international Society of Hypertension ISH about global disparities in blood pressure control from ISH perspectives after collecting data and opinions from its global members and Hypertension societies including our society, IqHS, presented by its president Prof. Ghazi F. Haji who was one of its contributers and this is regarded as an important development.

WHL september newsletter

The world Hypertension League WHL had recently issued its September Newsletter, this issue had covered a variety of its hypertension societies activities that are affiliated to the League. Our Sociey, IqHS, was among them including the announcement of its new membership with the WHL in addition to a generous coverage of our recent activities.You can download the full issue here.