Minimizing Ocular Complication of Hypertension & Diabetes

Minimizing Ocular Complication of Hypertension & Diabetes

The Iraqi Hypertension Society with the collaboration of Iraqi Ophthalmological Society held a conjoined symposium on last Friday,10/3/2023 at Oyoon Baghdad Rest. The meeting was dedicated to discuss eye conditions that are faced by ophthalmologist in hypertensive patients and how physician and ophthalmologist should cooperate together to reduce their risks, there was also talk about diabetic eye complication. It is also worth to mention that there was a nice overview about the role of physician in surgical eye patient and how and when to do the operation in hypertensive or diabetic patients safely in regard to the last updated guidelines in this regard. It was an enjoyable symposium and very fruitful for the audience and both societies agreed to have more similar meeting and cooperation.

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