Al-Anbar Scientific Meeting of IqHS

Al-Anbar Scientific Meeting of IqHS

The Iraqi Hypertension Society and with the collaboration of Al-Hikma Pharmaceutical Bureau held a scientific meeting tody,Friday,16th of June on Al-Qaser Al-Abyadh Rest. in Al-Anbar Province as part of its commitment to share Knowledge with our esteemed doctors in all provinces of Iraq. There were two speakers in this meeting, Dr Sami Al-Obaidy, Interventional Cardiologist and lecturer at Al-Anbar University who talked about Achieving better diabetic control and the role of Pioglitazone in the management of T2DM and the second lecture was about Hypertension in Iraq: Narrowing the gap between the evidence and practice and was presented by Prof. Ghazi Haji, the Head of IqSH. The meeting was attended by many doctors and seniors from Al-Anbar and Baghdad as well and was welcomed warmly by the host province.

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