World Hypertension Day: Zayoona Mall Activity

World Hypertension Day: Zayoona Mall Activity

As part of IqHS celebration on the World Hypertension Day WHD, the IqHS held awareness activity in Zyoona mall in Baghdad this Friday, the twenty sixth of May 2023 with the participation of Abdi-Ibrahim Pharmaceutical Company in which blood pressure and heart rate were taken and registered for the attendee of the mall who are willing to participate.  During BP and HR taking, it was found that there was a lot of undiagnosed hypertensive patients, and some were with unaccepted high levels but fortunately only few showed an elevated heart rate above 80/min according to the last guidelines. There was also a short educational statement by Dr Ghazi for the staff of the company about the role of Pharmaceutical Companies in the managements and control of hypertension in the community as it was the first participation in such opened public measurements episode, and it was very well welcomed by the company staff and the mall attendee.

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