Cardio-mental Health Improvement

Cardio-mental Health Improvement

In accordance with the Iraqi Hypertension Society IqHS new trends of involving other societies in its scientific programs and opening new horizons in cooperation with the rest of other specialities with common visions on the subject of hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases, the IqHS and in cooperation with the Iraqi Psychiatric Association (IPA), held a joint scientific symposium last Friday, January 12, this year on Qasr Al-Karam Res. Hall entitled ” Cardio-mental Health Improvement” which was sponsored by Kawkab Scientific Bureau and moderated by Prof. Ghazi Haji, the President of IqHS, and presented by two eminent speakers Dr. Nesif Al-Hemairy, a consultant psychiatrist, and Dr. Saeed Majeed, a consultant Interventional cardiologist. Dr. Al-Humairi speaked about psychosocial risk factors in heart diseases, he talked about the dialectical relationship between the psychological state in hypertensive and CVD patients and how the psychological conditions like stress and depression are considered as an important risk factors for these diseases and at the same time they  can develop in those patient especially those with IHD and heart failure. Dr Saeed  discussed the different aspects of setting out a psychiatric clinic in the cardiology department that the IqHS is intended to establish with the cooperation of Iraqi Psychiatric Association and the challenges that may face.
It is worth mentioning that the project was very welcomed and received the approval of both societies as well as the attendees. This scientific meeting was attended by many cardiologists, internists, senior specialists in addition to many psychiatrists, and there were fruitful panel discussions as well and it was extremely successful and well received by the attendees.

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