Deep Sight on Gray Zone of Systemic Hypertension

Deep Sight on Gray Zone of Systemic Hypertension

The Iraqi Hypertension Society held last Friday 10 of February a scientific meeting in Al Karam Palace Restaurant Hall with the collaboration of Awamedica Pharmaceutical Company about Hypertension and sexual function and also about the prevalence of hypertension in Iraq in addition to discussion about the recent 2023 ESC guidelines about the stepwise drug therapy in hypertension and the beneficial effect of single Pill combination SPC in its management with special talk about the efficacy of Valsartan/ Amlodipine combination with or without Hydrochlorothiazide diuretic in a heterogenous hypertension population.
The first talk was covered b the eminent speaker Prof. Faris Abdulkareem who talked about the sexual function in hypertensive patient and the best drug combination that has the least effect on the potency and he also discussed the pathophysiology of male sexual dysfunction in hypertension.
The second speaker was Dr Samer Yousaf an Internist and Echocardiographer and an IqHS Board Member who gave an overview about the prevalence of hypertension in Iraq and the world and discussed the recently released WHO Profiles about Iraq.
The session was moderated by Prof Ghazi Haji, The IqHS President and Dr Raghdaa Sadeq from IqHS Board.
The session was started by consolation ceremony for the soul of Dr Khalid Zuhair, a pediatric specialist who was assassinated regrettably few days ago.

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