IqHS Activity in Al-Aamal University College

IqHS Activity in Al-Aamal University College

As part of the Iraqi Hypertension Society’s constant keenness to spread health awareness about hypertension and its related risk factors, the Society held a scientific symposium on last Tuesday, 13 February 2024, at Al-Aamal University College, in cooperation with the Deanship of the College, in which the lecturers gave, through three lectures. The first lecture was an introductory overview of hypertension and some of the challenges and misconceptions about the disease among the people which was delivered by Dr. Ghazi Al-Haji, President of the Society, and the second one by Dr. Raghdaa Sadiq who also gave a lecture on the prevalence of hypertension in Iraq and the world. She also discussed the risk factors that contributed to hypertension, ways to prevent it, and how to follow a healthy lifestyle methods that are in line with international recommendations regarding the role of exercise and healthy diet and other measures that are proved to affect the disease. And as for the third lecture, it was a summary of the scourge of smoking and the extent of its spread in Iraqi society, and what are the societal groups in which this scourge is widespread, with a brief overview of the health damage resulting from smoking and how to get rid of it. This came within the plan that the IqHS has followed to control this scourge over the last several months including holding several seminars in different places to reduce smoking.

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