IqHS symposium in Ashur Private University

IqHS symposium in Ashur University

In continuation with the approach of the Iraqi Hypertension Society in spreading health education among the Iraqi population, especially the youth group, the Society, in cooperation with Ashur  University, held an interactive scientific symposium on hypertension and smoking on Tuesday 27/2/2024 in one of the lecture halls on the university campus in which Dr. Raghdaa Sadiq, a member of the Society, reviewed the most important main points about hypertension and ways to prevent it. Mentioning the most important common misconceptions among various groups of the Iraqi people about the disease. While Dr. Samir Majeed, a member of the IqHS, gave a lecture on smoking and ways to prevent it, especially after the spread of this phenomenon among young people and women alike and the efforts of the Ministry of Health to reduce it. The symposium was attended by many university professors and a large number of students, and it was well received by everyone in an eye-catching manner.

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