IqHS and IFPS Hold a Scientific meeting at Almansour Hotel

IqHS and IFPS Hold Scientific Meeting about Hypertension and its Relation with Heart Rate

The IqHS and the Iraqi Family Physician Society IFPS hold a scientific meeting at Almansour Hotel at Friday 19 of August this year with the collaboration of Merck Pharmaceutical company the meeting was presented by two speakers, the first one was Dr Muntadar Saad Jabir the president of IFPS who discuss ” Hypertension as a Global cardiovascular Risk and its Association with Elevated heart Rate ” and the other speaker was Dr Ghazi F. Haji The president of IqHS about ” The Role of Selective B Blockers in the management of Hypertensive patients with elevated Heart Rate ” . The two presentations were interactive with the audiance and was fruitful for the collaboration between the two societies for future studies regarding hypertension case registration and management in the primary health service and it was planned to launch in the recent future and to be assessed one year later for its result..