IqHS scientific meeting ” Maximizing the Access “

IqHS scientific meeting " Maximizing The Access "

The IqHS and with collaboration of Astra Zeneca Pharmaceutical Company has hold a scientific meeting at Alhikma Hall at Oyoon Baghdad yesterday evening, the 9th of September, under the Theme ” Maximizing The Access ” . The first speaker was Prof. Ghazi F. Alhaji, the president of IqHs present who present an interactive lecture about the pitfalls and missing clinical points in the manegements of hypertensive patients, which guidline to follow, how to establish BP measurements, which devices to rely.. etc. The second lecture was about the use of beta blockers in IHD and Hypertensive patients an updated information presented by Dr. Rafid Bashir Altaweel, an interventional Cardiologist. the meeting was fruiful and successful.