IqHS Scientific Session in Popular Medical Clinics Headquarter Baghdad

IqHS Scientific Session in Popular Medical Clinics Headquarter, Baghdad

As part of its continuous scientific activities, the Iraqi Hypertension Society, IqHS, in cooperation with the Department of Popular Medical Clinics in Baghdad, held a scientific symposium on hypertension at the headquarter of the department’s center in Karkh on Thursday,13/7/2023, presented by Dr. Raghdaa Sadiq, Director of Scientific Development in the Ministry of Health and a Board member of IqHS. Dr Raghdaa talked about the recent updates and protocols adopted by the Iraqi Ministry of Health in cooperation with the Iraqi Hypertension Society for this disease and the role of the doctor of the Popular Medical Clinic in the diagnosis and treatment of the disease and the way to improve medical care for them as they are responsible for treating a wide range of patients. The lecture was interactive and dominated by the atmosphere of scientific and fraternal discussion and was attended by a large group of doctors of Popular Medical Clinics.

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