Hypertension in Childhood: Underappreciated Issue

Hypertension in Childhood: Underappreciated Issue

Based on the vision of the Iraqi Hypertension Society of the necessity of cooperation and joint work with the rest of the scientific societies with which it shares, and among its goals is to control hypertension, the Society held a joint scientific symposium with the Iraqi Society of Pediatrics in Alhikma Hall at Oyoon Baghdad Restaurant on 10/5/2024, under the title “Hypertension in Childhood: Underappreciated Issue”
During which the speakers presented an overview of the problem of hypertension in Pediatric population, which has begun to increase recently and unfortunately. Dr. Samir Majeed, an internal medicine specialist and member of the society, gave a brief overview of the extent of the prevalence of hypertension in this population in the world as well as in Iraq. He reviewed the most important studies conducted in this country and also spoke. About the most important challenges facing the medical community, children, and the society in general in how to control this disease. Dr. Layla Qassim, a pediatric nephrologist at the Central Children’s Hospital, presented a detail of the most important recent global guidelines and showed the most important differences between them, as well as a detail about hypertension in children and how to diagnose it and the most important means of controlling it. This symposium was attended by many doctors interested in this field, including internists, pediatricians, practitioners, and pharmacists. The symposium was sponsored by Pioneer Pharmaceuticals.

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